Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Final Starts Tomorrow

Objective:  The students will complete Q3 Study Form for tomorrow's Part 1 of their semester final.  Essay using Catcher.

1.  Turn  in packet.  Highlight all 26 chapters so that I can check quickly and accurately.

2.  Q3 Study Form:  I want you all to make sure that you add another section to the form:

Other:  Here I want you to include a) meaning of title; b) contrasts; c) flashback; d) exaggeration; e) paradox and oxymoron  AND ANY OTHER THAT WILL HELP WRITE AN ESSAY.

Tomorrow's Essay:  You will really lose points if you make sill errors like improper Title Punctuation and Author's Name.  YOU MUST SHOW ME THAT YOU HAVE LEARNED SOMETHING HERE THIS YEAR.

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