Friday, March 01, 2019

Senior Non-Ditch Day

Objective:  The students will complete Poetry AP Test Practice on two poems using

1.  Sorry I couldn't find my electric griddle, so no egg burritos today.  But help yourself to a donut.

2.  If you are here.  You get 5 Extra Credit Points.  Even if you are at DECA or King High Remembers.

3.  Complete the Poetry Assignment on  It is due by 8 pm.  It is worth 15 points.  There are 19 questions possible.  I gave you a new poem, and an old poem that you should be familiar with.  I got 17/19 correct.  89%.  See if you can beat me.

Period 1 Class Code:   55VZZXHPN531
Period 2 Class Code:   Q1DAC5LW1EKF

Homework:  Complete Act IV Questions from Othello if not finished yet.

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