Monday, December 02, 2019

Hope you had a great holiday break!

Objective:  The students will discuss their horrible Prose Essays and then move on to the next poem analysis of Poetry Packet 2.

1.  Your essays:  You did not do as well as I think you shoud be doing.  Maybe it's because I wasn't there, or maybe you are just not paying attention to what I am teaching:  BUT some of these were just crap!

Why don't we know how to punctuate the title of a novel YET??
Why are we still writing "the reader" this and "the reader" that??
Why are we still SLAPPING quotes?

Things like this... when it comes to semester grades, and you are at an 89%... will keep you at an 89%.

You will not make the same errors in your Frankenstein/Handmaid's Final Essay!

2.  "Mad Girl's Love Song" by Sylvia Plath

3.  Friday is the last book check for Frank/Hand

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