Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Day 17

 Objective:  The students will go over the story analysis for tomorrow's essay.

1.  Roll Quiz

2.  Aeries Note:  Watch your grades!  The GC Import function seems to be sketchy.

3.  GC Plagiarism Checker.  It caught about 10 out of 20 people.  WHY?  I said that just trying is going to be good and get you full points.  This year... you will probably be able to cheat on 95% of the stuff.  WHY WOULD YOU???  If I catch you, I will recommend dropping you from the class. If I can't drop you...

4.  Miss Brill TTSTCANDI.

5.  Essay tomorrow.  SO we will use both Live time and Independent time.  Don't make plans to leave early!  The essay will be in the second part of the class and you will only have 55 minutes to complete.

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