Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Q 3 Study Form

Objective:  The students will complete the Q 3 Study Form for the District Writing Test.

1.  If you turned in your packet it is graded in the back of the room.  If you need to turn it in, do that now.

2.  If you missed yesterday's test, take it now.

3.  Complete the Q3 Study Form on your device.  It must be complete.  If you don't work on it in class (in front of me) I will ask you to turn it in NOW.  In other words, I am not going to give you credit for just copy and pasting someone else's work as your own.

Note:  You will be putting this through Turn It In.com so if you cut and paste from Sparknotes, Schmoop, Fuzzy Bear, Iliketocheat.com, or whatever...  It will catch you.


Note:  Very important to find at least 4 good quotes that you can memorize for the essay.

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