Tuesday, February 06, 2018

I educated myself on rhythm and meter yesterday!

Objective:  The teacher will impart knowledge upon his pupils with an inspiring lecture. :)

1.  Chapter Overview:  Rhythm and Meter.

2.  Go over "When You Are Old" TTSTCANDI

3.  New poem: "Forgiveness"

John Greenleaf Whittier

My heart was heavy, for its trust had been
Abused, its kindness answered with foul wrong;
So, turning gloomily from my fellowmen,
One summer Sabbath day I strolled among
the green mounds of the village burial place;
Where, pondering how all human love and hate
Find one sad level; and how, soon or  late,
Wronged and wrong-doer, each with meekened face,
And cold hands folded over a still heart,
Pass the green threshold of our common grave,
Whither all footsteps tend, whence none depart,
Awed for myself, and pitying my race,
Our common sorrow, like a mighty wave,
Swept all my pride away, and trembling I forgave!

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