Monday, February 26, 2018

Well that's absurd!

Objective:  The students will know the elements of Theatre of the Absurd and discuss their analysis of The Sandbox.

Transcripts for College:  We have a new system called Parchment.

-          On 3/1 all senior students will be receiving an email about creating an account with Parchment (a transcript service). The email will include a You Tube video link.

-          Make sure to follow direction e.g. correct bdays, addresses, registration code etc. *errors will result in multiple accounts and trouble with requesting transcripts.

-          Students need a personal email associated with their Parchment account, since their RUSDLearns expires in August of 2018.

-          Parents should not create accounts on the behalf of their student; leads to multiple accounts and complications.

1.  Theatre of the Absurd PP.

2.  Read the new play:  Page 1120-1131 and complete questions.

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