Friday, August 17, 2018

One Week Already! Have you learned something each day? That is the expectation!

Objective:  The students will read other Personal Statements to grade.  The students then will outline Chapter 1 of Perrine's.

1.  Using yesterday's MC Practice Sheet.  Please fill in your score for MY OWN PERSONAL DATA.  This will help me see where you are at without having to put grades in the gradebook.

2.  Get in groups of 3.  Pass your typed personal statement to others in your group.  Grade them on a scale of 1-9.  Nine being awesome.  1 being something like what I showed you not to do on the example.

3.  Discuss your "grades" with your partners.  Using their recommendations.  Take it home and make corrections before I get to read them.  Due again Monday.

4.  Prose Handouts:  Today complete the outline for Chapter 1 using the guide that I have given you.

Handout 1:

Handout 2:

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