Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Well Yesterday went well and you are all back... so let's try another one.

Objective:  The students will look at an example of the Prose section of the AP Literature test.

Note:  Summer Work due into Google by September 14 (100 points)

1.  Prompt Number 2.
     a)  Breakdown the prompt
     b)  Read and annotate the story
     c)  Outline your paper
     d)  Pair up and compare what each of you would write about and share specific details you would use to support.
     e)  Write the intro
     d)  Discuss

Homework:  Get a binder that you will use all year.  Organize it how you would like in order to use it and reference throughout the year and to study for the AP Exam.  I would do something like:  Prose, Poetry, Open Source, MC Practice, Essays.

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