Monday, October 29, 2018

Grendel Essays Graded.... I was kinda happy.

Objective:  The students will complete the last TTSTCANDI of a Hemingway story for Prose Packet 2 complettion.

1.  Essays:  There were some bright spots.  And there were come that just frustrated me....  Like I have been talking to myself for the last 10 weeks.  Here is what I saw:
    a) Many of you still are writing EPIC intros.  How long should it be?  What should be in the most important part on a Q3 when the prompt asks, ""the meaning of the work as a whole"?
    b) How do we punctuate a title correctly?  You must know this.  It just makes you look bad in the first sentence of the essay.
    c)  Read the prompt.  What does it repeat?  If it repeats something (three times) you better focus on that!  Mention it several times in the paper.
    d)  STOP slapping in quotes.  Man I hate that.
    e)  Some of you wrote about how the author used devices.  This prompt didn't ask for that.  Your paragraphs should not have been limited to TTSTCANDI analysis.
    f)  Some of you have made it this far in High School on BS.  You are a good writer, so you think BS will be enough to pass.  But if you don't know the book, your essay grade will reflect your BS.

2.  Complete the last TTSTCANDI for Prose Packet 2.  "Three Day Blow"  The whole packet is due on Thursday.

3.  Tomorrow and Wednesday you will work on Hemingway Presentations.  They start Thursday.

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