Thursday, October 18, 2018

It was nice meeting 15 of your parents yesterday!!!

Objective:  The students will see 10 different REAL AP Q3 Prompts and brainstorm in groups how they would approach each one on an essay for class.

NOTE:  RUSD has decided to NOT PAY for anymore.... so feel free to plagiarize.

1.  "The Grave"... we will work with that on Monday.  Today and tomorrow we have to put Grendel to rest.

2.  Let's look at what a Q3 Prompt looks like.

3.  Grendel Prompt worksheet.  In groups, look at all prompts and figure out what you would write about if you were given the prompt TOMORROW to write an essay for Grendel.

4.  On the board, pick your top 2 prompts that you would LOVE to have tomorrow.  NO PROMISES!!!

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