Monday, April 08, 2019

Last Day of Catcher before Essay tomorrow.

Objective:  The students will read 10 prompts, brainstorm ideas, then write intro paragraphs for each.

Insight that came to me this weekend.  Pretty deep stuff:  Mr. Antolini wasn't petting Holden... he was trying to rub out all of the "F You"s in his life.

1.  Get out Q3 Study Form for points.  Bring it up when called.

2.  Complete Prompts assignment:
     a)  Read each prompt.  Underline important words that are key to the essay.
     b)  Write an AP style intro paragraph for each.  You will be able to use this tomorrow.

3.  Essay tomorrow.

Note:  If you want to play in this year's softball game against the staff, there is a meeting here at Lunch Wednesday.  20 boys and 20 girls!

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