Friday, August 16, 2019

First Friday of the Year! I like Fridays!

Objective:  Students will know important college information about the school they are interested in attending.

1.  California School's Information:

UC Application:  Open 8/19
                             Due Date: 11/1 - 11/30
                             Cost:  $70 per campus

Cal State (CSU) Application:
                             Open:  10/1 - 11/30
                             Cost: $70 per campus

Private:  Visit the school's official website

Financial Aid:  FAFSA:
                            Submission:  10/1/19 - 3/2/19
                            Do It Early!  It's a pain in the butt!  It's confusing.  Lots of stuff to do.  And... be sure to remember your login and password!!

2.  So you want to attend college worksheet.

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