Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Hope yesterday went well!

Objective:  The students will read and analyze and prewrite a Q2 AP Essay Prompt.

1.  Sit anywhere.  Roll.  I have to start learning your names!

2.  My website:  warrenmlk.com.  Save it.  Use it.  Never ask me, "Mr. Warren, I was absent yesterday, did I miss anything?"  You are a young adult in a college level class.  It's on you to figure it out.

3.  Restroom and Eating/Drinking Policy.

4.  Summer Work:  Due to Google by 9/16.  50 points.  If late, it will not be scored.

5.  Q2 Essay Prompt:  "No Dogs Bark"

6.  Go to library and get AP books.

First Book:  Grendel by John Gardner.  If you buy it and close read it, you get 50 points EC.

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