Friday, March 27, 2020

AP Lesson 3: Specifis Words and Phrases

Hello everyone.  Yesterday we had fewer of you participate.  It's cool, it's Spring Break officially, but you have to be bored.

Period 1:  Tatum, Sienna and Jaden.

Period 2:  Sarah, Hara, Josh. Sydney,  Micaela and Depression.

I have been working all day in the garden.

But I just finished watching the new lesson.  It was shorter.  Kinda cool.  I like the poems that were discussed.

Text me at 951-880-4804 for three questions for 10 points of Extra Credit.  I will leave this open until tomorrow at 12 noon, because I am tired and a bit sun burnt (my wife shaved my head yesterday), so I may be in bed early!

Miss you all.  I wish we were back in school.

And you can comment below to let others know that you are participating.  Just click the "comment" thing.


Amiyah said...
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Amiyah said...

I've missed you as well Mr.Warren. The garden looks great and I hope your head isn't too cold. Also I forget to check this thing I think ill participate in the next one :) hope all is well -Amiyah