Friday, March 20, 2020

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Here is what is happening as of today:

1.  I graded all of the Othello Q3 essays.  I made the assignment worth 95 points, and graded on the tougher second quarter scale.
6= 90-100

Problems that I wish you would stop doing:
1.  If  you use a quote, use the right words.  Iago did not say, "I am not what I say that I am."
2.  Stop just summarizing.
3.  If the prompt says to pick A character.  Don't pick 2.
4.  If it says "motives" then ;list more than 1.
5.  Don't say this line is an allusion without explaining what it alludes to.
6.  The "bible" is a book.  So it's Bible and Biblical

So if we don't ever go back to school and they don't allow me to post assignments for you to do during this break, all grades are DONE for the year. What you see now is your semester grade.

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