Monday, January 29, 2018

Seniors! This is your last semester!!! Finish strong.

Objective:  The students will review the final with a group leader who got a passing grade and go over all questions to "justify" the correct answer.

I want to THANK all of you for making my first semester ever of teaching an AP class one of the best experiences ever professionally.  I really enjoy each one of you.  Now finish your senior year strong.  Don't make me stress over passing you at the end of the year.

1.  Get your AP Final Test and Answer sheet.  Get into a group with an assigned leader (the A and B and C students) and go over each question.  Make sure you know the correct answer and write a short justification (reason) why the answer is correct.  This is worth 50 points as our first assignment.

2.  Buy or rent Catcher in the Rye by next Monday.  It is our next novel.

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