Tuesday, January 09, 2018

This is the kind of weather best for staying home and binge watching Handmaid's Tale Season1

Objective:  The students will complete Q3 Study Form and submit to Turnitin.com for analysis and grade.  This will help for tomorrow's Test Part 2

The CTA Scholarships are out.  Due Feb. 2.  If your parent is a CA Teacher, then apply.  This is the one that Jason won last year for $5,000.


1.  Complete Q3 Study Form and submit to Turnitin.com.   There is a new assignment created there for you to do that.

2.  Wait to be called to desk for Close Reading Check.  This is worth 100 points.  Expect an oral question if you got less than a B on yesterday's test (because it was so EASY!).

3.  Print out Q3 for grade tomorrow.

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