Wednesday, March 28, 2018

AP Q3 Prompt Packet

Objective:  The students will look at 10 different Q3 Prompts and outline what they would write about.

Period 2:  We are missing an essay from yesterday's grading.  It was the one with a lot of writing and quotes written on the front.  Look in your folders.  I need this essay back!

1.  Get packet. 
2.  Work with one other person.  Pick 5 prompts for you to outline.  And your partner will do the other five.

Directions:  1)  Read the prompt and underline what you are directed to do.
                    2)  Pick an AP quality work that you know that would be good for that prompt.
                    3)  Write the intro paragraph (that includes the UT that you would address)
                    4)  Outline what you would write about in three body paragraphs.
                    5)  Share your work with your partner to COPY.

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