Friday, March 23, 2018

Essay On Monday

Objective:  The students will complete Q3 Study Form for Monday's essay using Othello.

Note:  I hate being wrong.  But if I am, I admit it.  The Point of View of Othello (or any drama) is Objective.  But in this case, the audience is able to know some of the characters' thoughts through soliloquies and asides similar to an omniscient point of view.

Note 2:  You better mention Dramatic Irony somewhere in your Q3.

Note 3:  Dramas are BIG things... so when you mention the title you must underline.

1.  Finish Q3.

2.  On Monday's essay, I am adjusting the old grading scale as shown on the board.  This will be used for the rest of the essays.  You will need to use at least two integrated quotes.

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