Monday, January 28, 2019

Essay Peer Edit Day

Objective:  The students will see sample papers and scores picked by AP Readers.  Then they will peer score.

1.  Get your essay from the back.  DO NOT SHARE YOUR SCORE WITH ANYONE!!!

2.  Get the sample papers packet.

3.  Read the Rubric description of a 5.  That's what you are shooting for.

4.  Read my essay.  Then read the samples.

5.  Get in groups of four.  Pass your paper to two other people to score.  DO NOT LOOK AT THE GRADE THAT I GAVE IT! 

6.  Read the paper and come up with a score.  Then turn the paper over and write the score you gave it.

Reader 1:  Name
Positive Comments (2)
To improve comments (1)

Reader 2 do the same.

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