Monday, January 07, 2019

Welcome Back! Missed you!

Objective:  The students will complete lit terms for Poetry Part 3.

Welcome to your last semester of high school literature!  Don't let my class keep you from graduating PLEASE!!!!  Work hard, but have fun too!

1.  Sit anywhere.  I will make a seating chart later this week after kids transfer in and out.

2.  Perrine's Poetry Part 3.  Do the lit terms on a separate sheet of paper.  Due tomorrow.

New Phone Policy:  Since a few of you (well one of you) figured out that it's illegal for me to take points away for "inappropriate phone use," I have a new way of dealing with it.  It's a "Participation Grade."

You will all start out with 100 points on a "Participation" assignment grade.  I will deduct 20 points from it each time you are using the phone in a rude, uncaring, inappropriate way.  That's legal. :)

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