Monday, May 04, 2020

AP Lesson 29

OK, I am done being pissed.  Here is today's AP Central lesson.  It looks like they are doing a practice exam.

I think this is what each of you should do each day from here on out.  If they don't give a good prompt, I will find one and you can do that one instead.

I will watch it live in 20 minutes and get back to you.

By the way, I ran into one of my AP kids the other day at Stater Brothers and he asked me, "Mr. Warren, do you think I am going to pass the test?"

And I simply responded, "No."

Truth hurts, but he literally hasn't done one thing since we have been gone.  Np prep.  No lessons.  Nothing.  Well good luck with that.

OK great lesson:  It's a good piece.  It's not too hard or too easy.

So if you are inclined to practice:  Do it.  Do it all within 45 minutes.  Set up a place.  Type it or write it.  Print it out, or not.

Upload it to email in a picture or send the document, all within 50 minutes.

I will tomorrow tell you what I would write about.

I literally just 1) read and disected the prompt.  2)  Read the piece.  3)  Outlined my paragrapghs and wrote my thesis.  And according to the timer, I had 40 minutes to write!

You need to practice:  100 points.

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