Thursday, May 07, 2020

Insights into yesterday's prompt

Yesterday's prompt with the two kids is the prompt for today too.

I would not write an entire paragraph about syntax and diction, but those can be discussed within a paragraph about a bigger topic, such as characterization and tone.

This piece and prompt seems to lend itself toward characterization and point of view to show the complex relationship between them.

It's a pretty cool piece.  It is written in (I would describe it) as an omniscient point of view, but it is different than most, because each section shows the feelings of only one character, so it is limited third person in that sense.  I would write about that.

And how each section does different things.  It seems as if teh kids are on some sort of primal hunt, scavengers from the past with the diction that the author uses to describe their actions.  But then it becomes apparent through their names and their dialogue that they are not from an era long ago.

Not only until the final shift, when the thoughts of the mother are revealed, and it becomes known that these two savage like children are only spoiled brats on a beach day outing.

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