Monday, August 10, 2020

Day 1

 Objective:  The students will try to get through this virtual thing as best as possible and learn a few things about this class.

Good Morning!!  Everyone be patient with me!  I am totally new that this stuff!

1.  Roll and Intro (Supplies:  Get yourself about 12 file folders to keep all of our units in.  Paper, Pens.  All work will be written in pen at all times)


3.  Summer Work Requirement:  100 points.  Due September 5

4.  Discuss AP Test:

     Multiple Choice:  45% of the test score grade:  55 questions/ 1 hour

     Three Essays: 55% of test score grade:  2 hours:  Q1= Poetry     Q2= Prose     Q3= Open Source 

5.  Classwork:  Q1 Prompt:  Read and analyze.  Write an intro paragraph to read aloud if called.

6.   TTSTCANDI Chart:

7.  Independent Work:  Create a TTSTCANDI Poster for your workspace.  Use 1/2 of a poster board (for 50 points) or use a piece of paper (for 40 points).  Use the pictures below.  We will use this ALL YEAR LONG with all reading pieces and discussions.


AP Intro paragraphs:

2-3 sentences.  Keep it short and to the point.  Don't get cute and try to hook.

Name the piece, the author and the time it's written

Thesis statement (This will automatically give you 1 point on the essay of possible 6 points

First T:


AP Day 1 Q1 Prompt:

AP Summer Work Requirements:


This part below will come later after I assign chapters:

AP Summer Work Presentations:

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