Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Day 5

 Objective:  Students will complete the definitions for the Tone Terms on the Perrine's Prose Packet 1.

1.  Problems with signing up for Summer Work Presentations.  Only ONE person until all filled.  NO ONE WILL WORK ON PRESENTATIONS TOGETHER.  Each person will do a presentation and a poster.  This is not a group activity.

2.  Yesterday you completed (or should have) the Lit Terms on the Perrine's Prose Unit.  Today finish the Tone Terms.  On the same document.  Just add a new section.

3.  All Personal Statements have been graded.  I think only 3 are done.  The rest need work and re-submission.

Summer Work Projects:  Click on doc and add your name.  Once they are all full, the remaining students can double up.

 Summer Work Presentations Requirements:

Perrine's Prose 1:  Complete Tone Terms today.


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