Thursday, August 20, 2020

Day 6


Objective:  The students will present some Summer Work Presentations.  Then they will complete their first MC Practice.


OK I tried to find Perrine's online.  It is not there anymore.  You have to get the book!!   Get your text! 

1.  Presentations 1-4.  Students will present their slide show and discuss their chapter.  They will also show their completed poster that will hang in the class when we return (think positively!).  

The class will take notes on each chapter.  There will be a 100 point test when the entire book is presented.

2.  MC Practice.  "New York"


3.  Tone Words for Packet:

 4.  Perrine's Chapter 1 Outline:  You read the chapter and complete the outline handout for your Unit 1 Packet.  Just copy it and drop it into your document with the terms.


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