Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Day 24

Objective:  The students will discuss "The Grave"

1.  Roll Quiz on "The Grave" 

2.  Allusion Notes:  Sorry, there are 2 today.  You will see why.

3.  Discuss "The Grave" a bit and TTSTCANDI (in GC) by Monday

4.  Grendel 4:  Read and complete the short assignment in GC by Monday

Grendel 4:

Day 23


 Objective:  The students will read the next story from unit 2:  The Grave

 Roll Quiz

1.  Grendel 3 Discussion

2.  Read the next story:  "The Grave"

Monday, September 28, 2020

Day 22

Objective:  The students will discuss their first essay and see the rubric used to grade them.  Then they will discuss Eveline and complete the TTSTCANDI.

1.  Roll Quiz

2.  Finish all presentations

3.  Discuss your essays and the rubric


Sample Essays: 

4.  Discuss Eveline and TTSTCANDI

5.  Read and complete Grendel 3 in GC.

Issues with Essay 1:

1.  Lack of planning, so you were all over the place.  Should have made a quick outline to keep your writing focused:  Thesis, Topic Sentence with what you will write about, Topic Sentence with what you will write about, Topic Sentence with what you will write about.  Stick to it!

2.  Quotes:  You MUST integrate quotes.  SLAP QUOTES SUCK!!  Many were too long.  And lists of quotes are bad too!  And never say, "This quote illustrates..."

3.  "The reader" or "shows the reader" or "the reader can see."  The paper is NOT about the reader.  It's about how Miss Brill's character was developed.

4.  "Analogical Language."  Don't say the author uses anaological language.  That is TOO BROAD.  Focus.  Was it symbols?  Metaphors?  Allusions.  You don't just say analogical langage.

5.  "The author used diction."  Well of course she did.  Always say, "____________ diction."

6.  Rhetorical Devices:  You will not use those this year.  That was the key to last year.  The key to this year is TTSTCANDI. 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Day 21

 Objective:  The students will read an awesome story and analyze its main character.

1.  Grendel 2 Quiz in GC

2.  Go over Grendel 2 PP

3.  Presentations:  

Marked for Greatness Connor Phipps
He’s Blind for a Reason, You Know Da Jon Gipson, Ryan Hernandez
It’s Never Just Heart Disease Amanda Gull

4.  Go over Perrine's Chapter 5 Point of View

5.  Perrine's Prose Unit 2 Tone Words in GC

6.  "Eveline" reading and TTSTCANDI

7.  Complete the TTSTCANDI in GC.  This will be due at the end of the Period on Monday, but CLOSE READ the story if possible and start the TTSTCANDI.

Giving the weekend off Grendel...  Sorry


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Day 20

 Objective:  The students will go over theme (UTs) and how to identify them.


1.  Turn in Grendel 2 for grading

2.  Perrine's Chapter 4 Theme PP

3,  Complete Perrine's Chapter 5 Point of View outline.  This will be easy!!

Take the day off from Grendel

Monday, September 21, 2020

Day 19

Objective:  The students will discuss Grendel Chapter 1 and look at the novel from a social commentary point of view.  They will also outline the next chapter of Perrine's.

 Essays are not graded.  I will work on those and have them back Wednesday. 

Presentations will be completed THIS WEEK!  So if you have not gone yet... be prepared!

1.  Grendel Chapter 1 Quiz

2.  Grendel as social commentary PP

3.  Discuss Grendel Chapter 1 PP and assignment

4.  Perrine's Prose Unit 2 Handout:

5.  Read Grendel Chapter 2 and complete Chapter 2 Assignment in GC.  Be sure to fill in the Themes Chart after reading each chapter.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Day 18

 Objective:  The students will know what Grendel is about and how to approach its reading.

1.  Roll Quiz

2.  Grendel Discussion Power Point Number 1:  Grendel Intro

3.  Grendel Chapter 1 assignments
a)  Chapter 1 Worksheet:

b) Themes Chart:

4.  Essay Number 1:  AP Q2 Essay: 

Day 17

 Objective:  The students will go over the story analysis for tomorrow's essay.

1.  Roll Quiz

2.  Aeries Note:  Watch your grades!  The GC Import function seems to be sketchy.

3.  GC Plagiarism Checker.  It caught about 10 out of 20 people.  WHY?  I said that just trying is going to be good and get you full points.  This year... you will probably be able to cheat on 95% of the stuff.  WHY WOULD YOU???  If I catch you, I will recommend dropping you from the class. If I can't drop you...

4.  Miss Brill TTSTCANDI.

5.  Essay tomorrow.  SO we will use both Live time and Independent time.  Don't make plans to leave early!  The essay will be in the second part of the class and you will only have 55 minutes to complete.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Day 16

 Objective:  The students will read their next story and analyze for this week's essay.

1.  Make sure How I Met My Husband is turned in.

2.  Presentations 

3.  How I Met My Husband Power Point

Read the short story, "How I Met My Husband," by Alice Munro and then, in a well written essay, analyze Munro's narrator and her changing perception of he world.

4.  Miss Brill reading and TTSTCANDI.

Thursday, September 10, 2020


Objective:  The students will complete analysis of How I Met My Husband.

If you didn't complete registration for the AP Central App you must do so using directions that are posted on yesterday's lesson plan.

1.  Roll Quiz and Presentations:

2.  MC Practice:  "Janie"

3.  Complete a GREAT thorough analysis of How I Met My Husband TTSTCANDI.  Due at the end of Independent time.  Also... I will be using Google Plagiarism check on this... so do not share your work for someone to copy and paste.  It will mean a ZERO for all involved. 

Focus on what you know!!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Day 14 (Day 13 was a holiday)

 Objective:  The student will know important information for "How I Met My Husband" analysis.

1.  "How I Met My Husband" real points quiz and Roll

2.  Presentations:  Sex, Not Sex, and Baptisms

3.  AP Class Registration:  Class Code is VRX62X

Here are some instructions:


Don't do this!  We didn't get to it!!

4.  Complete the TTSTCANDI for "How I Met My Husband" which is due before class tomorrow. And don't copy.  Do it yourself.  Focus on what you know!!!

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Day 12

Objective:  The students will practice a not so hard MC Prose piece, then move on to one of the coolest stories (well I hope you like it) that we cover.  

First:  Roll Quiz in GC

1.  Symbol Notes:  Common Colors in Lit.

2.  Presentations through "Flight..." and add Baptism if Brianna is ready.

3.  MC Practice:  Janie

4.  Read "How I Met My Husband" ( will 100% have a quiz on this Wednesday!!!!!  For points.  I am making it now!!!)

Here is the TTSTCANDI for it.  You do not have to do it until next class, but you can feel free to work on it as you read.

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Day 11

Objective:  The students will present their chapter from How to Read Like a Professor and then discuss Perrine's Chapter 3 on Characterization.

1.  Roll Quiz

2.  Presentations (Let's do 2)

3.  Perrine's Chapter 3 Slide Show

4.  Complete the Multiple Choice Terms for Perrine's Prose Packet 1.  (You should already have a doc started with the other terms that we did.  Just add to it.