Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Day 70

Objective:  The students will talk today.  They will participate.  The teacher is in a mood.  He is tired of no participation.  I will try to make him happy today.

1.  Roll in GC

2.  Participation Game.  Participate, you win.  Don't participate... you lose.  Literally. 

Note:  FAFSA:  You guys need to get on it!  

This year has been tough for everyone but I need help getting some news to our Seniors. There are 22 days left until the California Financial Aid Deadline. So far we only have 208 students who have completed their FAFSA or CADAA forms. If you have seniors in any of your classes or clubs please remind them to submit their applications before March 2. 

Families need all the help they can get during these unprecedented times and there are plenty of programs out there where need is not considered for the student to receive an award, they just need to complete the forms. If you have any questions or need to check on any of your students please let me know and I can confirm whether or not they have submitted the forms. 

Here is a link to our school Financial Aid Help Page which includes a list of scholarships. I have also been receiving calls from scholarship sponsors who are worried and discouraged because they have had significantly fewer applications this year than in previous years. 

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