Monday, February 01, 2021

Day 66

Objective:  The students will analyze their last poem for the Poetry Unit 2.

1. Roll in GC

2.  I have not graded the essays yet...  One more student has to write it.  But do you want to talk about it?  What did you all write about?

Here are samples that AP Readers graded:

This is the old grading scale based on a 9 point rubric.  1-4 fail.  5 is minimal pass.  9 is the best.

So these essays would translate to a 6, 4----, 2.

Here is mine:  It would be a 4...

3.  Complete "The Echoing Green" assignment in GC.  Do not write the essay, I just added a prompt to help you think about what you should look for.

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