Thursday, January 28, 2021

Day 65

Objective:  The students will get a score of 4 or better on the district writing test.

1.  District Writing Test.  You have 50 minutes.

Hints:  Remember, AP Literature likes to present contrasts as something that is to be analyzed.  Remember too that the prompt will TELL you specific words (ideas, concepts) that you need to focus on and mention IN YOUR ESSAY.  And remember, everything comes back to the author's purpose which should be mentioned and referred to a few times. 

Hint 2:  I am not dumb.  Believe me... I am not dumb.  Don't chance doing something stupid that you will regret!  One grade will have little effect on the semester grade.  One dumb mistake means I will seek to fail you or have you dropped from class.  To make this clear... I know there are essays on the internet... don't use them!!!

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