Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Day 61

Objective:  The students will have a great discussion about the analyzed poem, and if they do, there will be no essay tomorrow.

Roll in GC

1.  All Frankenstein essays are graded.  These were good.  I think most of you have a grasp on what is needed to pass the AP essay.  You are getting the typical errors out of the way, but...

Book need italics or underlines... not quotations.

Quotation Punctuation... "The punctuation goes inside of the last quotation mark."

Make sure you say the CORRECT AUTHOR!

Long Quotes still do not help your paper.

If you use Example Quotes:  You need a colon before.

The monster feels that he is in total control: "You made me, but I am your master." 

2.  Let's analyze Sweetness together

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