Friday, April 17, 2020

AP Friday (I am taking a sick day)

Hello everyone.  I am not assigning an  assignment today.  I need to do some catch up on my other two classes.

So today I am just going to watch the AP Lesson.  You should too if you are taking the test.

Also, I raised money for the softball game and three scholarships this year.  $1000 each.  Here is the link for the application.  Follow the directions carefully.

King Kids Vs. Cancer Scholarship Link 

Also, Brianna wanted me to discuss what I would have written about on the Cherry Bomb symbol:  So here was my response to her:

Cherry bomb  symbol

On first read, I would have focused on three symbols:  Summer, the cherry bomb explosion, and the memory box hidden under the stairs.

She writes in the beginning summer or summertime five times.  Obviously important then.  Summer is a common symbol of youth, fun and freedom.  I would explore that.

Then the cherry bomb EXPLOSION.  That would be loss of innocence.  

Then the memory box with the diary and cherry bomb.  Those are memories of time past that she keeps hidden, but can get to if she really digs deep within that closet with other things from other people’s past (the clothes from her father and grandfather.)

It could be a pretty deep paragrapgh.

Now am I right?  I have no frealking clue.  But I think that I can prove it in my writing.

You can too.  Just come up with something and GO with it with full belief that you are right.

And remember:  Loss of Innocence or coming of age is HUGE in the AP curriculum.  And I think that tehy will pick a piece this year that is pretty easy since we have all of this shit going on.

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