Tuesday, April 28, 2020

AP Lesson 25: Deconstructing Prompts

Hello five of you.

Today's lesson on AP Central is titled Deconstructing Prompts, but they didn't do that.

It was about writing a good body paragraph using a good claim, strong evidence, and deep commentary.

Here is the link:


So for homework:  Watch the video.  It can be fast forwarded on the parts that don't apply to today's lesson.  There is alot on yesterday's essay that we didn't do.

1:  Read the prompt provided:  It's cool and pretty easy to think and write about.


Then write one body paragraph on one of the characters and how the author characterizes him or her.

Then highlight:

Claim:  Yello
Evidence:  Orange
Commentary:  Pink.

50 points.  Email it to me with ability to edit.

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