Wednesday, April 15, 2020

AP Lesson 16

Here is the link:  Hopefully it works today.  They will be discussing Symbolism, which I love.

As far as yesterday's assignment, only 4 of you did it.  And what a great piece of Prose to write about.  It was so full of great characterization that I would have enjoyed writing and analyzing it.

The four of you who did it did a good job.  Thanks to everyone else for not doing it.  (sarcasm)

OK:  Great short lesson.  And it's one that I think we have covered quite well in class.

So, here is the homework that I adapted for you to do:

Read the prompt.  Read the excerpt.  Then write an intro paragraph and a body paragraph that focuses on a symbol.  Try to address:  What is the symbol?  How is it described.  What is the character's response to it?  What does it represent?  What controlling idea does it connect to?

Type it out.  Try to take only 20 minutes.  Share a google doc with me and allow me to edit.  That way I can make comments right on it.

Have a great day folks.  Be safe!

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