Thursday, April 09, 2020

April 9 Lesson 12 on Point of View and Narrator

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Homework assignment as soon as it is over.  I am watching live now.

Homework Prompt:  Under the Foot of Jesus:

Homework Questions:

Read the prompt.  You may need to read it twice.  I did.

Answer these in the comments link below so that everyone can see your work.

1.  What is the point of view?
2.  How do you know?
3.  What is the advantage of this point of view?
4.  What do we miss with this point of view?
5.  Why was this point of view chosen?

Have a great day APers.  Miss you all.  Warren


Valerie Juarez said...

Valerie Juarez
1. Point of view is third-person omniscient
2. The narrator hints at key elements within the passage and knows the thoughts and feelings of Estrella.
3. Advantages of this POV are: knowing everything- past, present, and future. There is equal knowledge between the characters, and it provides multiple perspectives in order to keep the readers engaged.
4. The main disadvantage of this POV is the strain between the readers and the characters being developed.
5. Third-person omniscient provides multiple understandings and with this specific story, Viramontes depicts the characterization and emotion of Estrella and the conflicts.

Unknown said...

1. The point of view is third person omniscient.
2. The narrator knows and exposes how Estrella feels and thinks.
3. The advantage of this point of view is that we get to know the character's thoughts and the encompassing circumstances in addition to how the character feels about it.
4. With this point of view we miss connection and it can be confusing as the narrator switches from giving details about story to giving the perspective of the character.
5. This point of view was chosen so that the author could clearly present how Estrella felt as she experienced everything that was going on.

Mr. Warren said...

OK both of these are a bit weak. Too general. Remember the male teacher said that it isn't good to just say the poont of view but you have to tell why it is important SPECIFICALLY and use some evidence.

I will give each of you 40.

Unknown said...

1. The point of view is third person limited.
2. The narrator only focuses upon Estrella’s thoughts and reasons for her actions and realizations while only briefly explaining the others’ thoughts and mainly focusing upon their actions almost as if it is told from Estrella’s perspective.
3. The audience is better able to understand Estrella’s understanding of the world and it’s lack of reason, especially when she’s in school. This lets the reader focus upon Estrella’s shift in understanding at the end.
4. We miss the specific emotions and thoughts of other characters other than Estrella. For example, we do not understand why Perfecto shows Estrella all of his tools, but we do see what she thinks of them.
5. Viramontes might ya e chosen this point of view to focus primarily upon Estrella’s thoughts and how immaturely she sees the world. Using this, Viramontes emphasizes Estrella’s realization at the end as a shift in her life.
(I’m sorry I got this in a little late.)

Mr. Warren said...

This is great Sarah. Although I think it's omniscient with the brief showing of her mother's thoughts as well as Perfecto's past.

I am curious to see what the teachers say that it is.

I will watch today's lesson when I get through with planning for my Brit Lit Monday Lesson.

50 points.