Wednesday, April 01, 2020

College Board Lesson 6

Hey Everyone,

Here is Lesson Six.

Not gonna lie.  I haven't done it yet. 

My wife is CRAZY with this virus thing, so while she was at work, I washed the dogs, and sterilized the whole house.

My hands are fried with bleach.  My nose hairs are gone.

BUT we are clean.

I will watch it in the morning after I take the new dog to get CUT.

Yeah, that cut.

Here is the link to the lesson. 

You can do the homework part of the lesson and send me a pic of your work.  It will still be extra credit today and tomorrow, but after that I have to make it an assignment (that you don't have to do), but it will help your grade, but not like extra credit does.

Sorry.  Warrem

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