Saturday, April 25, 2020

Weekend Venting

Hello my students.  Totally miss you all.

But my fingers are tired.  I have to type NA for all assignments that I give.  UGGGHH!!

For those of you taking the test in about two weeks, these lessons will prep you!!!

For the three of you (Juan, Val and Bri) who did the last piece.  You all did great.

So here is what I would have focused on:

Narrative structure:  It was told in Limited Third Person Narrative, through the thoughts and feelings, and in this case, memories, in a flashback to when the main character (who is now older) is remembering  an experience when he was 15.  Within that flashback, he relates his previous experiences with his father that led up to this day.

I would have then focused on the two main symbols that I saw.

Beginning:  The huge pine tree that they camped under.  It protected them as they camped.  It was huge.  Always been there.  Kinda like his dad.  I would go with that as the symbol at the beginning.

Then, the shift to age 15, when he wants to go fishing with his friend instead of his father,  that is THE COMING OF AGE point.  And the father letting his use his fishing rod, that symbolizes the point where the father basically accepts his independence and adulthood, basically passing of the torch of adulthood.  It is the most important thing to the father, and he hands it off to his son.

Such a deep piece!

So for those of you who are still taking the test but kinda chose not to do it.

Here is the prompt.  See if you see that.  I really hope that you do well on the test.  It is a beautiful excerpt.  Kind of makes me think of a teacher wanting to lead his kids...

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