Thursday, April 16, 2020

AP Lesson 17

Hello the 10 of you who are checking in.  I do endoy seeing your work when you get it in.  I also kinda like making random comments on your docs. 

But it's not the same as seeing you all each day.

Today's lesson was cool.  I liked how Mr. Escobar started the lesson talking about what we are all going through.  He is right!

Here is the link:

Now they are asking for a full essay for homework.  I am not asking for that.  Especially with this piece and prompt.

How about if we do this.  Read the prompt, read the piece, then outline your essay.

Intro with a great thesis.

Body 1
Body 2
Body 3

Brianna waned me to tell her what I would have discussed on yesterday's symbolism assignment.  I will post that later tonight (for those of you who still want to do it).  I will also post some info about three scholarships that have to be awarded.

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Unknown said...

Are we supposed to understand what that passage meant LOL