Friday, April 17, 2020

AP News

AP News

Hey Seniors,

I got an email from AP Central and it lists all of you who have signed up for the test.  They sent you an email also about your intent to take the test and many of you have not responded:

If you are going to take it, respond to their email!!!!!!!!!!

Students Who Responded: Currently Planning to Test
Anish Patel Briana Marquez Emma Albertazzie
Hailey Metz Ileana Villa Josh Cleope
Juan Ladinez Keanush Avval Lilian Bostrom
Maya Moore Micaela Gwynn Michael Liu
Osvaldo Saucedo Robin Roberts Savannah Morris
Valerie Juarez
Students Who May Not Have Received or Responded to Our Survey
Alexis Canela
Angelica Rangel
BrianaChloe Santos
Caden Cabrera
Chase Moelter
Chloe Spartos
Corrina Olvera
Daniela H'Orvath
Esteban Vargas
Ethan Chavez
Francis Gilleece
Garrett Jaggers
Hara Jo
Jaden Grova
Joshua Robinette
Matthew Flores
Nadia Vazquez
Owen Bardeen
Perla Rodriguez Gonza
Rachael Butz
Sarah Howick
Selena Rodriguez
Siena Van Olden
Steffi Bufton
Veeana Guerrero
Viki Nguyen
Wyatt Herrera
Zoe Gonzalez

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