Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Tuesday April 7 Lesson

Hello everyone.

Kinda bummed right now.  My kid just returned back to San Diego State after Spring Break.  I will miss him while all this crazy is happening.

And my new puppy just pooped on the floor.  He hasn't done that in weeks.  What the heck?

So in one hour it was a double smack!!!

Anyway, here is today's lesson from the college board.  It is worth 50 points.  If you watch the whole thing and do the homework well.

Looking at the same piece as yesterday.  Focusing on setting.

AP Lesson 10:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U5h1MA2ex4&list=PLoGgviqq4845L7Yj9c1kkIfdskkaLOUzD&index=10

Test:   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mPlGkMv_GVxiR9zn3Ya2W0wFMD5fWwbH/view

Graphic Organizer for Completion:   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1svV8Eh8lJ-EbFV05st15sJVE9K_phANI/view?usp=sharing

Going to try something new for the homework though.

Type it into the comments below.  That way, others can see what you found.  BUT make it legit.  Don't read others until you post yours.  Let's see if this works.  Some of you are turning in great work that needs to be shared with others.


Mr. Warren said...



Textural Evidence:


Just testing to see if this workks...

Jaden Grova said...

Location: outside
Description: cold, windy, fall
Textual evidence: "cold November wind," "dirt, dust, grime" "the wind blew it back again and again"
Function: The weather is harsh and makes the character's actions more challenging. It creates complications.

Unknown said...

Location: outside

Description: cold and windy

Textural Evidence: "cold November wind" "the wind blew it back again and again" "wind grabbed their hats, pried their scars from around their necks, stuck its fingers inside their coat collars, blew their coats away from their bodies"

Function: personification of the wind, in addition to the cold, emphasizes the hardships endured by those who felt the need to travel into the outdoors.

Mr. Warren said...

Jaden and Kela. If you want 50. This is weak.

I will give you max 25.

You good with that?

Josh Cleope said...

Location: The location would be outside because the streets are mentioned of the place.

Description: This can indicate the cold since its mentioned on the first line, and dusty because the wind has become filty which makes a connection of the wind to become dusty.Encountering the word "wind" show the determination she has with this trait.

Textural Evidence: "cold November wind blowing through 116th Street." "The wind lifted Lutie Johnson's hair away from the back of her neck..." "She shivered as the cold fingers of the wind touched the bach of her neck,..." "

Function: The word "wind" can indicate a cold season which can make a connection the season of the text that can indicate that the season could be spring, fall, or winter overall. Showing the function of the character can reveal how passionate the character really is for the environment. The setting of this passage Reflecting on the personification of the word "wind" is being persuaded to. The relationship it has can come with complications.

Also, I'm sorry if this is turned really late. I don't even know if I will still get credit. But I did it because these videos are really helpful that is for the AP test that is coming really really soon.

Mr. Warren said...

Good Josh. 50 points.

The wind could be a symbol here of a force that is holding people back, pushing against them. Did you see the date that this was written?

I think it's important.

Unknown said...

Location: Street/NY

Description: invasive, oppressive, cold, filled with almost insurmountable challenge. It fills what would have been a void with a tangible character causing toil and stress.

Textual Evidence: “drove most people off the street.” “It did everything it could to discourage the people walking along the street.” “Blinded them ... stung their skins.” “Cold fingers...touched the back of her neck, explored the sides of her head.” “The rain and snow had finally eaten the paint off...making a dark red stain like blood.”

Function: - It gives form to the judgement and challenges that each person feels, experiences, and deals with differently.
- emphasizes the different ways people react to challenge, judgement, and inner exposure.
- Brings out the permanence of the flaws, downfalls, and, contrastlingly, the constant struggle of man to overcome and correct themselves

Unknown said...
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Mr. Warren said...

INteresting Sarah. Now on the next one, try to weave or integrate some of the text evidence into your commentary.